"The world is all gates, all opportunities,

all strings of tension waiting to be struck." Word, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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How can one person make any difference in this world? This question had me struggling for a long time. I finally decided to just do what I love most, and share the good vibes of that and anything I learn with as many people as possible. The change started when I was sitting in my living room one day, bouncing around “million-dollar ideas” with a friend. It was almost my birthday and I was broke again. We were trying to brainstorm ways to make money and still be able to surf everyday and travel often, so it pretty much had to be online work. Right then and there, Jewels of the Earth & Sea was born and I started making my website. BOOM. Jewels was alive!


I was born in the West Virginia country and grew up on an off-grid property in the Arizona mountains - all rural and remote. My family, way ahead of the time, went the full 9s with recycling, sustainable practices, survival skills, making things by hand and from scratch, and not wasting anything. We learned how to fish, garden, tap trees for maple syrup, build shelters, make solar ovens, dehydrate and can food, etc. We were mostly home-schooled, and my parents had us all take herbalist classes everywhere we lived so we always knew the local plants. We almost never went to the doctor - my mom knew how to heal most things and made her own salves and tinctures. This stuff gave me a solid foundation and feeling of independence in my life and a wealth of knowledge about the natural world, that I didn’t even realize until I was much older. Today, I live on the Hawaiian island of Maui, one of the most beautiful (and isolated) places on Earth.


Every year since I turned 19 I have traveled somewhere around the world in between my “normal” life. I've been very lucky and blessed to live, travel and adventure all over North/Central/South America, Europe, and a little bit of Asia and Africa. In December 2017 I packed up my stuff, sold my car, and went on a 6-week surf trip to Nicaragua. Discovering www.Workaway.info allowed me to extend my trip, and I ended up surfing up my way down the coast of Central America for months and loving it! This year I hit the road again: Canada, Arizona, another Costa Rica surf trip, aaaand... a summer working at a VERY remote fishing lodge in Alaska!

Next stop: Australia for their summer (Dec - Jan), hopefully Iceland in the spring with my brother... and maybe France for the summer!


As a maniacal outdoor enthusiast, surfing and hiking take up the most space in my heart (a perfect fit with my other passions of writing and photography), and I love to share my adventures. You can read about my Alaskan adventure, my travel stories, hike reviews and more on my blog and website, www.jewelsoftheearthandsea.net. Follow me to see my photos on Instagram, @jewelsoftheearthandsea.

Why do I post so many “good news” articles about the natural world and sustainability on this Facebook page? Because I believe any intelligent person exposed to the constantly negative/trivial news assaulting us daily on our social media feeds would be insane to not feel at least mildly depressed about the Earth’s state of affairs. So I decided to spread the good news instead! Things ARE changing slowly, for the better, and by sharing it, it will only grow - in people’s minds, and in real life! Positivity begets positivity, and change occurs faster....so please, SHARE with your friends and family :)


"Are you rich? How do you afford all this travel? How can I start a freelance life?" ...are questions I get a lot. Well, stay tuned for an article I'm currently writing about to answer all of these questions :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I'd love to hear about you - drop me a line or a photo or an awesome story/article to be featured on this page, and have a beautiful day!                                                                             ~ A L O H A ~


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