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Tide Pools / Hermit Crab / Black Sand Beach day!!!

After a million pictures and videos and some extremely high-end shell picking (there were some beautiful pinkish-deep purplish shells I haven't seen anywhere else), we finally made it around the rocky point... to find a real deserted beach! Well, two of them, actually. And with black sand, AWESOME. We made our way over to the first beach, but very slowly, because we found more treasures: another insane deposit of the coolest shells, and another hermit crab city - this one way bigger, and with adults! The ground was literally crawling them moving about their mysterious business. Even more puzzling was the various sizes/ages of hermit crabs on the tiny rocky hill here - this time, they were all heading UP the hill to who knows where. Or they were trying to, anyway - mostly they were just climbing and falling, sometimes to their tiny deaths. Very mysterious.

Finally we got to "our fishing beach", after finding some human trash and picking it up (I always carry a plastic bag for trash). Ugh. Why are humans so gross, cocky, and uncaring? How hard is it to understand you should pick up your own motherf*cking garbage and that we only have one Earth? Rahhhh. But nothing could put a damper on our deserted-beach-stoke. We spent a few minutes admiring the absolutely beautiful, glittering black sand, letting it run through our hands and me taking a sample of course. I realized much later that this magical sand is even magnetic, when it kept sticking to my earbuds case (which is magnetic), and pooling in interesting little shapes on it. Apparently the black sand is made up of old lava, which as you know, comes up from deep in the Earth’s core… well, guess what else is in the Earth’s core?! Heavy metals. Cool! (Nature is so metal). Also I took a small sand sample and it was heavy af.

Finally we chose a spot in the shade and sat down to survey our Hermit Crab Tide Pool Black Beach Kingdom for the day. While my friend sensibly started untangling our fishing lines and prepping the gear, I busted out two icy beers (think it was about 930am at this point) and downed mine like I was lost in the Sahara and found an oasis. Then I jumped up and did cartwheels all the way down to the water, and checked out the new shell situation there.... I love how being immersed in nature makes me feel like a little kid. Simple joys are the best.

Also, my timing was perfect, because when I walked back the fishing gear was all ready. I watched, laughing, as my friend waded out at literally the worst spot to fish (we are not very good fisherpeople) - it was a small, rocky beach with very strong rip currents and breaking waves. Though mildly concerned, I naturally started filming (he got out ok), then I headed for a rocky outcropping that hopefully had some deeper water. It did, and I felt pretty cool as I inexpertly lassoed the line and lure above my head and handcast it out to sea over and over. No luck though, and if it was hot before, it was blazing meow. Walking to the 2nd beach, we passed by about a dozen black vultures just sitting in a tree and staring at us. I’m sure we looked like easy pickins at this point.

The 2nd beach was also small, but sandy, so, eternally hopeful (but also just really bad at fishing), we started casting again. Not even one bite, and the dang minnows must have been sitting in the sun in that tide pool for awhile, because they just kept disintegrating and falling off the hook. Well, luckily we had two more icy beers and a picnic lunch waiting, so we scattered the now VERY pungent rotting minnows on the ground for the hermies to fight over (their fights are soooo adorable, not much happens in slow mo) and smashed our icy bevvy’s and lunch. I skulled mine like a dickhead, horrible, horrible idea it turns out haha...

It was still only about 11am and we were in heaven, but it quickly became apparent that if we stayed any longer paradise would turn into a fiery hell (have you ever walked on black sand in the middle of the day?). On our way back, there were some gigantic green sea slugs with blue dots and big antennae, just slugging around. They totally looked like aliens and interestingly were only found in a couple of specific tide pools, never saw them anywhere else but found them online: Dolabrifera. The rest of the walk home was truly miserable. Pretty sure we were on the verge of heat stroke - mildly dehydrated, mildly tipsy, very sunburned, and walking home with no shade at literally the hottest time of day like the true idiots we are, lol. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. Still the best day ever.

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