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Let's Make Cannabis Fun Again

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Many of us enjoyed giggles and munchies well into our 20s or even 30s. . . and then all of a sudden, for some of us, the fun high turned into a brain melting pot of paranoia and anti-socialism.

The 'greened out' face - we've all been there (toad in Tamarindo, Costa Rica)

Well, I have good news. Those fun high times of your youth are not out of reach! The road back to thinking bread with frosting a delicacy and engaging your core muscles with laughter is paved with... edibles. I know a lot of people, myself included, who find edibles to be a heck of a much smoother ride than smoking (perhaps because it's a "slow burn" instead of an instant high, your mind has more time to accept it).

And before you say, 'No way, I've had the worst experience with edibles', let me ask you this: would a person get nauseatingly, pukey drunk drinking Jungle Juice as their first alcoholic drink ever? Hell yeah they would! Cannabis is the same. You must take it in moderation relative to your tolerance to enjoy it, otherwise it won't be pretty and you might end up in the hospital like those overenthusiastic weed tourists in Colorado. Start with a tiny bite and wait three hours (sounds like overkill, but it can sometimes take that long to feel anything). Then adjust your intake accordingly until you find your sweet spot!

This is what I tell my friends who want to get back on the weed wagon - try it at home. Making it yourself, you can be in a comfortable setting, control your own potency and help eliminate the risk of a bad experience - PLUS, eating it is healthier than smoking it! I've preached this green gospel to quite a few of my friends, because I'm a huge weed advocate. It's good for your health in so many incredible ways that we've only just begun to understand and appreciate - it has even been shown to fight cancer in clinical studies on animals. Personally, I've successfully marijuana-self-medicated for insomnia, depression, and panic attacks (you can read the full story here), and was so stoked I didn't have to resort to pharmaceuticals with their hellish side effects.

Here's a short list of some of the benefits of marijuana as a medicine:

1. Pain control (especially chronic pain), as an alternative that it is clearly safer than opiates (it is impossible to overdose on and far less addictive)

2. Ease the pain of multiple sclerosis/nerve pain

3. As a muscle relaxant

4. Lessen tremors from Parkinson's disease

5. Lessen pain from fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and most other conditions with chronic pain in common.

6. Manage nausea and weight loss

7. Treat glaucoma

8. Potentially help veterans with PTSD

9 . Help irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease

10. And if you really want to see something crazy, watch this video to see how a severe form of childhood epilepsy called Dravet syndrome (that is almost impossible to control otherwise) responds dramatically to a CBD-dominant strain of marijuana called Charlotte’s Web.

1-2-3 Cannabis Oil Recipe

KISS, right? I like to use two cups of trim or shake (trim and shake are whatever's left over from the plant after the buds are harvested), one cup water, one cup coconut oil. This is a specific recipe, like many you will find online - to each their own. This is my tried and true one. A couple of worthy things to note about it:

- I use coconut oil instead of butter (I personally feel like the butter gets too hot too easily and I've ruined some batches, plus I'm lactose intolerant)

- I only use shake or trim instead of buds (I've found it's much cheaper, you get more volume and thus more surface area, and more of a body high than head high which I prefer).

- Don't ever let the mix boil, or even simmer, really. You should barely be able to see any tiny heat bubbles at all. Very low heat will draw out the cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD, the two most famous cannabinoids), higher heat will burn the mix and do the opposite.

- Some prefer to "decarb" their weed before making oil. Decarboxylation is using very low heats over a period of time to draw out the active ingredients or cannabinoids. Many people insist on decarbing (or drying) out their weed on a cookie sheet in the oven, before making their oil. I don't. I've never felt the need, because my oils are potent enough... perhaps because I cook my oil at such a low heat, for such a long time, that it accomplishes the same thing. And, I use trim and shake, which often get forgotten or lay around for some time which results in mild decarb anyway. It also produces more CBN, a lesser known cannabinoid that can help fight insomnia and provide pain relief (it's likened to taking a valium).


1. Chop up your herb finely if you can (so there's more surface area), throw it in a pot on the stove with the oil and water, no lid, on literally the lowest heat possible without actually turning the burner off. Leave it for at least 3hrs, but I recommend between 4-6hrs. Check it often at first, to make sure the heat is low enough that there practically aren't any bubbles on the surface. Alternatively you can throw it all into a crockpot, and put it on just leave it on the "Warm" setting for 24hrs.

2. Once it's finished and has cooled down a little (but still lukewarm, so the oil hasn't hardened yet), put the mixture in a cheesecloth and squeeze to strain it. Once you have your mixture strained, throw the weed dregs out (or, if you're a crazy recycler like me, save them in a freezer bag and use again in the future for a milder batch) and put the oil in your fridge. This is an important step, because the oil needs to cool completely in order to harden and separate from the water - and you need to THROW THE WATER OUT and only keep the oil. The dirty looking water, well, it is dirty. It contains impurities from cooking and can contaminate your oil with mold if not separated well. By cooking your oil with water, you are also removing a lot of that weedy taste from your oil. Once the oil and water are separated, you can store the oil in your fridge in a sealed jar (mine has stayed potent up to a couple of months in the fridge).


3. Finally, when I bake goods, I choose recipes that call for the most oil in their recipe.... like fudge brownies call for 1/2 cup oil, while lemon cookies might call for only 1/4 cup butter. A little bit of simple math tells us that the brownies will get us blitzed, while the lemon cookies will be a lot weaker. Also, let's say the recipe calls for 350F for 30min, I'll instead bake at 330F for 15min. You want to bake the brownies, but again you don't want to overheat the mix (or you may end up with weak-ass product).

4. Store your brownies in the fridge and/or freezer to keep them fresh and potent. I recommend testing your product a few hours before bedtime, so if you get a little higher than you meant to, you can just go to sleep! Boom baby 💃


Final Notes:

- If you follow this recipe, you will be making a potent batch of oil. I prefer doing this because it saves time and I like it strong! If you want something milder, just use less oil when baking.

- Just like hair dye, it's HIGHLY recommended you always do a "patch test" - try the tiniest nibble, and give it three hours. Then adjust to your preference.

- It's taken me anywhere from fifteen minutes to THREE HOURS to feel anything... so, if in doubt, wait another hour or three before you throw another cookie down the hatch ;)


*This article is simply personal opinions, please use google, common sense and discretion, and of course follow the law wherever you live.

Before and After 🤣


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